Paying for College

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College application season is here! Take a breath and jump into the process with an expert by your side!

Financial Advising Services for College Planning

College is a big investment that requires a combination of financing through savings, loans, scholarships, grants, and need-based aid. It’s a patchwork quilt! If you’re wondering where to start and how to minimize the cost of college, then our Paying for College services are for you.

Paying for College

How might your financial position and assets impact to your student’s ability to receive college funding? Raymond Van Buskirk, personal finance expert, consults with families to discover what they can realistically contribute to their child’s education and helps them develop a strategy to cover the cost. Learn more about our financial advising services for college planning below: 

Planning for College Financing

Who: Families Planning for College Financing

What: Consultation + Customized Financial Recommendations + Savings Strategies 

Price: $371 for 2 hours

Applying for College Financing

Who: Families Applying for College Financing

What: Consultation + Customized Recommendations + Savings Strategies + Help With FAFSA and CSS Profile + Financial Aid Evaluation + Appeal Letters 

Price: $954 for 6 hours

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Separate Services

Bright Futures has intentionally packaged our services to provide the best outcomes for students based on their unique needs. In addition to financial advising for college planning, most services can be purchased separately.