The Birkman Assessment:
A Self-Discovery Tool

Your bright future starts with knowing yourself.

A Key To Success

Career prospects are constantly shifting as society evolves. Old industries become obsolete and new ones are challenging and often lucrative. The job an individual intends on pursuing at the start of their education journey may not be relevant by the time graduation arrives. 

When an individual clearly understands their strengths, behaviors, interests, and goals, they are in a position to identify the best opportunities for themselves – in any circumstance.

That’s why at Bright Futures Consulting, our process starts with self-discovery through the Birkman Assessment. 

No two individuals are alike. Knowing oneself is the key to identifying a path forward where you will shine.

How The Birkman Signature Works

For anyone above the 9th grade, the Birkman Signature Report is the leading tool for objectively identifying one’s strengths, interests, stress behaviors and needs. This assessment is recognized internationally and used by universities and Fortune 500 companies.

With Bright Futures Consulting, taking the Birkman Assessment and understanding your results is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

    1. Request your Birkman assessment in your complimentary consultation (it may already be included in the package you purchase).
    2. Fill out the questionnaire online (takes about an hour).
    3. Schedule a feedback session where your consultant will review your results during a 90–minute consultation.

Gain Lasting Insights

After their 90-minute Bright Futures Birkman Assessment Feedback Consultation, students will have a deeper understanding of their unique productive and unproductive behaviors. They can then use these unparalleled insights to make satisfying and successful choices in the college process and throughout their life.

The Birkman Signature Report helps students…

    • Identify what college majors fit their interests and strengths
    • Select activities and courses that are best for them
    • Identify career paths where they will thrive
    • Create meaningful life goals
    • Articulate their unique strengths through the college or job application process

And so much more…

Since Birkman results describe behaviors and interests that remain consistent over a lifetime, the insights gained from the 90-minute consultation are valuable for years to come. Many students revisit their results whenever they need direction, validation, or inspiration. 

If you’re ready to discover more about yourself than ever before and create a foundation for your bright future, take our Birkman Assessment today.