Self-Accepted: College Admissions & Big Transitions

by Bright Futures Consulting

What Is The Self-Accepted Podcast?

College admissions and transitions can be overwhelming. SATs, AP classes, resumes, financial aid – the list goes on!

As parents and counselors, we are here to help our teenagers make sense of it all and empower them to make good decisions. 

If you want to see your child succeed in that transition (which we all do), it comes down to helping them accept who they are before they’re accepted into college. That’s why we created “Self Accepted: College Admissions & Big Transitions”.

This bimonthly podcast answers the questions we hear parents asking all the time so you’ll be prepared to send your child into their bright future. 

Dr. Beth Dennard

Her students and their families call her Yoda Beth. Not because she has trained Jedi for 800 years, but something pretty close… for the last 40 years, she has helped families prepare and transition their students successfully into adulthood. A pretty comparable feat, wouldn’t you agree? 

She’s the Owner and Director of Bright Futures Consulting, a US Air Force Veteran, former college admissions counselor, mentor, mom and grandma. 

Dr. Beth Dennard is excited to share what she knows with you.

She wants to lead you away from misleading information and the college frenzy, and closer to having answers that move your teenager forward towards their bright future. 

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