About Us

Helping Students Thrive in College & Beyond

Bright Futures Consulting helps students realize their potential and achieve their goals through expert guidance and compassionate mentoring. The right college fit is where your student feels a sense of belonging and it’s a smart business decision for your family. 

We counsel your student to understand what career paths they could be most successful in, create an action plan, guide them through the application process, and coach them to success as they transition to adulthood.

As independent educational consultants (i.e. private college counselors), we are your student’s unbiased source of guidance as they make decisions throughout high school, consider careers, and apply to college or other post-secondary programs. 

We empower our students to take the necessary steps in a timely manner in order to maximize their opportunities and reach their goals.

Our Story

Integrity, Service & Excellence

Over 40 years ago, Dr. Beth Dennard was lost and needed someone to guide her as she finished high school. She didn’t see college as an option for her. Then, a registrar in her high school guidance office and her neighbors guided her into dual credit classes and eventually a traditional 4-year university. 

Dr. Dennard discovered that mentorship and expert guidance has the power to build confidence and opens doors. Alongside a 30 year career in the United States Air Force, and after 15 years as an admission officer for the US Air Force Academy , and 10 years working as the Head of College Guidance at two Houston-area private schools, she founded Bright Futures Consulting to guide students to reach their educational and career goals.

Although simple, our approach empowers students to develop and reach their goals. 

Our Process

For over 20 years, Bright Futures’ team of private college counselors have guided families through the ever-changing college application and selection process. Using the Birkman Method, we specialize in tailored advising and admission strategy to give students the edge.

Bright Futures Consulting

Know Yourself

Before the pen meets paper in the college application process, we want our students to know, develop, and accept themselves… What makes them tick, motivated, curious, excited, etc. The Birkman Assessment identifies unique strengths and careers to consider – highlighting a path forward.

Bright Futures Consulting

Make a Plan

Like life, your game plan evolves overtime and adjusts to your teenager’s development and life experiences. Your consultant is there every step of the way to guide you through decisions that can maximize opportunities in the future. Working closely with your student, your consultant helps refine your student’s goals, determine best-fit programs or colleges, and develop an application strategy for admission.

Bright Futures Consulting

Follow the Plan

Finally, we coach students through every step of the college admission process ensuring their unique story, interests, and goals are articulated throughout their application materials and interactions with admission representatives in a timely manner. This puts your student in the best position to get a mailbox full of acceptance letters.

Our Strength Is In Our People

Meet Our Experts

Dr. Beth Dennard, LPC, CEP

Owner & Director

Where it all started, Beth is the visionary and pioneer for Bright Futures – serving as a seasoned mentor and college expert to her team of counselors. 

Claire Mangrum

College Counselor &
Director of Business Development

As a former Assistant Director of Admission, Claire helps students build their resume, develop competitive essays, research colleges, and strategize to ensure their applications stand out.


Student Centered Results

First Steps

Let’s Get Started

  1. First, take a look at our services and packages.
  2. Enroll directly through our website or contact us to discuss which services or consultant might be the best fit for you.
  3. If desired, request a complimentary consultation prior to enrollment to meet your consultant in person or virtually. 
  4. Once enrolled, we’ll schedule your first appointment and begin making progress towards your bright future.