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Raymond Van Buskirk

Financial Planning Expert

Get to Know Raymond Van Buskirk​

Over the last seven years, Raymond has helped families of all backgrounds and income levels develop financial strategies to save on college! Raymond has a diverse background having worked for high tech corporations, universities, Government, churches and as a leader in various civic capacities. 

These experiences help him adapt quickly in any situation and help families do the same.

Where Raymond Van Buskirk Thrives

Raymond Van Buskirk thrives when he helps students and their families achieve the college and financial dreams. When his families receive generous award letters, it makes him even more passionate about the work he does.


Raymond loves working with families with multiple children attending college. With three kids of his own now out of college and in successful careers, he understands the importance of providing for each child while protecting the parents’ golden years.

Raymond Van Buskirk’s Background

Before joining Bright Futures Consulting as the Financial Planning Expert, Raymond Van Buskirk held various careers that has made his expertise even more valuable to families. He first received a Bachelors in Economics and Political Science from UC Berkeley, then an MBA in Accounting from UC Berkeley, and finally a MA in Theology from Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis.

He was the former Director of Grants and Contracts Service for the US Department of Education in Washington, DC. While working as a senior executive in the US government, he served as the backup for the Designated Survivor during one of the State of the Union addresses. Since he was trusted for this role, your family can trust him too!

In the corporate world, he also served in the following positions: Control Administrator, Texas Instruments, EDD Director, Planning and Control, Rockwell International, CTSD Controller, TRW Optoelectronics Treasury Director, InteCom Inc.

He also served as an adjunct professor at George Mason University and Concordia University Texas where he taught courses on Education, Public Policy, Business, and Religion.

When not working with students and their families, you can find Raymond serving as a part-time associate pastor at a local Lutheran church – where he visits lots of families and prays for/with them.

Credentials You Can Trust

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