Thrive in College & Beyond

We help students understand who they are, where they are going, and how to get there. Guiding students through the ever-changing college admission process is what we do. Watching them thrive beyond college and develop into the next generation of leaders lights our fire. 
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Our process is simple.
Bright Futures Consulting

Know Yourself

With a solid foundation in self-awareness through the Birkman Assessment, our students truly understand their strengths, stressors, and environments they will thrive in.

Bright Futures Consulting

Make a Plan

Like life, your game plan evolves overtime and adjusts to your teenager’s development and life experiences. Your consultant is there every step of the way to guide you through decisions that can maximise opportunities in the future.

Bright Futures Consulting

Follow the Plan

We coach students through each step of the college admission process ensuring their unique story, interests, and goals are articulated throughout their application and interactions with the colleges.

Since 1999, Dr. Beth Dennard and her team of college admission and career planning experts have guided thousands of students through the college admission process and launched them into a bright future. 

Every year, many of our students are offered admission to top colleges such as Rice University, University of Texas at Austin, and Yale University… but most importantly side effects of boldenone ALL of our students enter college with a refined sense of who they are and where they are going. This is why we do what we do.

Bright Futures Consulting is a whole-hearted, forward-thinking, company that ignites the flame of self-discovery in each student we meet. ​

The first step in the college planning journey is self-discovery and acceptance– knowing  you are and where you are going. That’s why we created…

“Self Accepted: College Admissions & Big Transitions”

Insight & Tools Into Your Student's Future

Taking the next step in education or career can be stressful. But it’s even more stressful when walking blind. At Bright Futures, we invest in the highest quality  assessment on the market – the Birkman Signature Report – to gain unparalleled insight into unique strengths, career options, and best-fit academic programs, highlighting their path forward.  Additionally, our families love our college planning software – Cialfo. It allows parents to be part of the college application process, while allowing their student to lead their transition to adulthood.  By far, our most valuable tool is the depth our experts have in knowledge and experience. Having visited over 300 colleges and universities, your Bright Futures consultant is equipped to ignite self-discovery and set your student up for their prosperous future.

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Credentials You Can Trust

Our consultants have the experience and qualifications to guide students towards their bright future. We are proud members of the following organizations – adhering to their standards of ethics.

Stand Out From The Rest

At any stage of an education or career journey, we offer expert guidance, empowering mentorship, industry insights, clarity, and organization to an otherwise confusing and stressful process. We structure a custom plan for each student to develop and achieve their goals. 

We’ve been doing this for years… Allow us to help you too!

College Planning

Building a bright future starts here. Whether your student is in middle school or a high school senior, our services are designed to maximize opportunities in college and beyond.

Professional Pivot

Whether you are currently in college or a professional considering graduate programs, Bright Futures can help you find a best fit program and navigate how to get the highest return on your investment.

Your College & Career Counseling Team

Every consultant cares. Each consultant has unique experience, training, and perspective to give your student a competitive edge over other applicants. Look at your student’s consultant as a mentor, advisor, and coach. With over 60 years of combined college admissions and transitions experience, our team of experts help students realize their bright future. Meet our consultants.


Dr. Beth Dennard

Owner & Director

With 30+ years of education, mentoring, and counseling experience, Dr. Dennard brings practical experience and personal development to her students. 

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