Our Story

Our Bright Futures Consulting Story

Founded in 1999 from a dining room table, Bright Futures Consulting is a whole-hearted, forward-thinking, company that ignites the flame for self-discovery and creative growth in individuals. Its brand inspires growth and attracts the best clients. 

Meet Founder & Visionary, Dr. Beth Dennard

Many years ago, Dr. Beth Dennard was a lost teenager and needed someone to guide her as she transitioned to adulthood.

Her high school was understaffed – especially in the counselor’s office. The counselors met with the most at-risk students who were dealing with issues such as depression, drugs, or basic care needs.

As an above-average student and someone who needed advice about college, Dr. Dennard was a low priority – rarely receiving any time or guidance from the counselors. 

This experience is common with many of the students Bright Futures helps.

No student is overlooked at Bright Futures. Instead we focus on each student and make their success our priority.

While working in the guidance office – shelving college guidebooks alphabetically – Dr. Dennard found her calling and opportunity. It did not go unnoticed. The registrar noticed her interest in seeking higher education and encouraged her to take night classes at the local community college. 

Three times a week, Dr. Dennard drove 30 minutes to attend on-campus dual-credit English and World History classes. Her commitment to seek more became her gateway into higher education. 

And others around her noticed too. Her Christian neighbors guided and directed her to attend a 4-year university.

Where Dr. Dennard’s Education Took Her

Beyond the classroom, Dr. Dennard became more confident and doors opened for her as she welcomed adulthood. One of those doors led her to spending a total of 30 years in the United States Air Force Public Affairs – both in active and reserve duty. 

After a career serving her country, she wanted to give back and serve students facing similar challenges she did as a young adult. Her goal: to help students design and realize their bright futures.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Dr. Dennard established the Bright Futures philosophy based on best practices in developmental psychology and counseling.

Her doctoral dissertation, The Influence of Psychosocial Factors on College Choice & Student Satisfaction with College Experiences, informs the Bright Futures philosophy and process – guiding students to colleges where they know they belong. 

In addition, Dr. Dennard worked “on both sides of the desk” as Director of College Guidance at two Houston private schools and as a college admissions officer for the US Air Force Academy – providing invaluable insights to her students and their parents. 

Starting Bright Futures Consulting

Bright Futures Consulting was born out of the desire to help individuals realize their passions and potential in a holistic manner through expert guidance, compassionate mentoring, and comprehensive services. 

When Dr. Beth Dennard started this educational consulting practice from her dining room table in 1999, it was just Dr. Dennard and her cat. 

She knew that Bright Futures was bigger than her though, and she wanted to help more students. So, she moved from her dining room table to an office, trained 2 associates and expanded the practice. 

Since building the team, services expanded, collective knowledge grew, and the Bright Futures client experience enriched. 

Students and families alike benefit from the collective Bright Futures expertise. They also experience kindness, love, intelligence, and a caring mentorship relationship with Bright Futures experts. While we don’t call our work “mentoring”, our students directly benefit from this level of care.

Our Values

At Bright Futures, we value integrity, service, and excellence in everything we do.


We do not take lightly the impact our work has on your student’s future success. You’ll find your experience with Bright Futures is full of honesty, challenge, and accountability. Our experts are trained to address issues head-on to help your students overcome them – holding professional memberships with the CEP, HECA, IECA, NACAC, and TACAC.


Many mentors serve us faithfully, so we serve our clients with customized and compassionate guidance to empower them to find and follow – the path to success so that they may also serve others.


We challenge our students to reach for bigger and brighter futures. Each future may look different from the next, but the pathway is tailored specifically to meet the needs and goals of each individual student.

For over 20 years, Bright Future’s team of private college counselors have guided families through the ever-changing college application and selection process. Using the Birkman Method, they specialize in tailored advising and admission strategy to give students the edge.