• Are you only located in Clear Lake?

    No, we have 2 other offices: Houston (West University/Bellaire area) and our NEW office is in Alvin.

  • How do you charge for your services?

    Bright Futures has packages, a la carte services, and hourly rates are available.

  • Does Bright Futures have Saturday hours?

    Yes, Dr. Dennard has office hours on Saturday in Houston and our Expert Associates can meet with you in Clear Lake or Alvin.

  • What is your success rate for getting students into prestigious colleges?

    Bright Futures students have been accepted to a wide variety of diversified colleges and service academies over the years. Each year colleges receive a different number of applicants with different scores and credentials so it’s hard to quantify a “success rate”.

  • My child is a Junior/Senior in high school....is it too late?

    NO, it’s not too late! Bright Futures will work with your student. Our expert associates will meet with your students more often to help take the stress out of applying to college.

  • Is 8th grade or 9th grade too early?

    No. Bright Futures works with students as early as 7th grade. By working with your student early, we can help plan their high school curriculum, volunteering, service projects and summer camps to explore possible college majors and careers.

  • Do you have payment plans?

    Yes. We have quarterly payment available with no interest. Paid in full or quarterly payments are the same price.

  • What are Dr. Beth Dennard’s credentials?

    Dr. Dennard has a Doctorate in Education, Masters in Counseling Psychology, Licensed Therapist, Certified Educational Planner and Certified Birkman Consultant and a retired Colonel from the U.S. Air Force.

  • Do you help with life coaching or career editing/matching?

    Yes. We offer several types of career and life coaching services, including the Birkman, coaching sessions, resume polishing, and hourly consulting.

  • How can I receive more information on the services you provide?

    Email us: [email protected]
    Call us: 281-486-0023
    or Schedule a free consultation: