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Bright Futures Consulting, LLC is made up of an accessible and compassionate mentor who has over 30 years of experience to help students realize their bright future. 

Dr. Beth Dennard is devoted to building a genuine connection with students and their families to create a personalized plan to cultivate excellence.  She has experience working with clients to navigate a wide range of goals including academic planning, student success, customized college applications, financial planning, gap-year advising, college transitions, and career planning. 

From first-generation college applicants to non-traditional college students, Bright Futures Consulting honors each individual with integrity and respect. We use science-backed approaches to help clients pinpoint learning opportunities coupled with student-centered coaching to help them own the process.

Bright Futures Consulting Expert

Meet Dr. Beth Dennard below. She has extensive experience with college admissions, career planning, and understanding her student’s needs. 

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