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  • “Wonderful experience for my son with Bright Futures, and Dr. Dennard in particular. This was the best money I've spent on my Child's education.”
    - Ed Garcia
  • “Beth is so wonderful! I am a recent college graduate and she has given me incredible advice and insight on resume writing, interviews, and job preparation. She is strategic, very knowledgeable, and organized. After a meeting with Beth, I always feel less stressed and empowered. She is an incredible woman and I highly recommend her for not only college consulting but career consulting as well. My family and I absolutely adore Beth and feel lucky to have her in our lives.”
    - Neva Gohel
  • “We worked with Bright Futures for both my son and daughter and I feel it was one of the best tools to help a student truly be prepared for success at the university level. Dr. Beth Dennard has encyclopedic knowledge of career paths and helping compare different schools and their benefits based on a student's individual needs. Your child will thank you and you will save yourself some headaches if you rely on this counseling.”
    - Carol Andrus
  • “I have had an amazing experience with Dr. Dennard and her team. I got into every single college I applied to, in part due to Bright Futures.”
    - Senior, Class of 2018