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We streamline college planning and application process (and have a little fun along the way)!

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Bright Futures intentionally packages our services to provide the best outcomes for students based on their unique needs (we got this!).

Essentials Package

Most appropriate for students and families who want control over the college application process (but want guidance as they develop and prepare a plan). Your student can expect…

  • A deeper understanding of strengths and needs through the Birkman Career & Interest Assessment
  • Professional guidance to optimize opportunities and admission decision outcomes  
  • Customized list of colleges best suited for your student
  • To develop a thoughtful and strategic application plan 
  • Essay writing guidance and feedback (primary essay only)
  • Best practices and organizational systems to ensure applications are complete and timely
  • Support strategically selecting enrichment activities, high school courses, and extracurriculars
  • To create a resume highlighting experiences and skills
  • Mentorship and coaching through transition to adulthood and professional life


All-Inclusive Package

Our most popular plan for students and families who want full access and complete project management to plan, prepare, and submit applications to undergraduate programs. 

This package includes everything in Essentials, PLUS…

  • Full project management empowering your student to identify and thoroughly fulfill application requirements 
  • One-on-one essay and supplement (specific to each college) writing guidance and feedback 
  • Timely and personalized advising and support throughout the application process, up to six college applications
  • Assistance communicating with colleges effectively 
  • College decision advising on comparing financial aid packages, housing options, and individual factors
  • Scholarship application support
  • Peace of mind, knowing you have unlimited access to expert and personalized college admission advice 


Frequently Asked Questions

Working With Us

Discovering the ins and outs of every step of the college admissions process is a lot to take on. Working with a private college consultant at Bright Futures gives you confidence that you won’t miss any important details or deadlines. Every student receives focused, personalized guidance to navigate all aspects of academics in pursuit of their dreams. Meanwhile, families gain realistic insight about how to make their student’s future a wise investment. When you work with a consultant, you’ll have an expert on your team.

Oftentimes, high school college counselors have caseloads as high as 400 students to advise. Additionally, their role typically encompasses more than just college counseling which necessarily reduces their counseling time per student. If your student and family could benefit from guidance tailored to your needs, a college consultant is right for you. 

If you attend a smaller school with a more accessible/available college counselor, we still encourage you to ask for feedback regarding their experience and their plan for your student. A lower ratio of students does not necessarily equate to a better quality of guidance. College consultants are unbiased and have no other goal than to help your student thrive in their best fit college or post-secondary plan.  

Regardless of the school or assigned counselor, we ask that any college guidance given to a student be shared with their Bright Futures counselor so that we may take it into account. The same way an athlete may work with both a team coach and a personal trainer, or a student attends math class and also has a math tutor, our goal is to work in tandem with a student’s support system so that they can reach their goals.

No, it’s not too late! Our counselors are here to reduce the stress of preparing for and applying to college! We tailor our program to meet the needs of a student. Contact us, and let’s discuss the best plan for your family.

College Planning Services

The big difference between our All-Inclusive and Essentials experience is the management level. Counselors are consistently thinking about and guiding their All-Inclusive students through every college application choice and decision point. They receive support throughout their senior year to write, assemble, and manage their application materials. 

Students who work with us through the Essentials Package receive guidance as they develop a plan for college and application strategy. Aside from the essay developed in the Essay Boot Camp and instructions received in Application Workshop, they complete and submit the majority of the application requirements independently. 

The earlier we start with your student, the better. We work with students as young as 8th grade. 

Discuss this with your consultant. S/he will need to consider their caseload, as they intentionally work with a limited number of clients each year. Your payments for the Essentials package will be applied to your All-Inclusive package, but you may incur a fee. 

Strategizing and creating a college list is a big deal. Consider the list carefully before proceeding. The college list is often the most difficult part of the college admissions process. We help your student make sure they haven’t missed anything when evaluating their college decision. 

Prices & Payments

Yes, we have payment plans available with no interest. 

We accept most forms of payment including all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), check, and/or wire transfer.

Still have questions about which option is right for your family?

To get started or get your questions answered, schedule a complimentary consultation and talk with a Bright Futures counselor!