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College application season is here (breathe). Jump into the process with an expert by your side.

College Planning Packages Designed With Your Family in Mind.

10-12th Grade Students

Essentials: Created For Students Who Want Guidance

Planning for your student’s future starts with strategic actions taken in high school and exploring to find the passions, interests or dreams that keeps you up at night. Bright Futures counselors help your student make the most of their high school experience and create a strategic plan to reach their college and career goals. 

The Essentials Package helps students gain perspective of their interest, strengths, and needs and develop a post-secondary action plan. It includes the following:

    • Birkman Strengths, Needs & Career Assessment to foster self-awareness and identify potential careers, majors, and environments best suited to the student  
    • Academic Course Selection to choose the most advantageous courses that cultivate opportunities for success during high school and beyond
    • Goal Setting tailored to your student’s intentions to guide their focus and drive their momentum
    • SAT/ACT Timeline & Advising so you can plan be sure your student is prepared to achieve peak performance
    • Extracurricular Guidance to strategically select activities suited to your student and their goals
    • Resume that showcases your student’s experiences, skills, and strengths 
    • Choosing a Major that will energize and excite your student
    • Customized College List encompassing multiple factors including: academic and cultural fit, financial and merit positioning, and is targeted to the student’s goals and interests
    • Application Strategy & Checklist to empower students to successfully manage their goals and track their college application progress, counselor will assist the student with up to six college applications
    • One-time entry into our Essay Boot Camp and Application Workshop the summer prior to senior year

This package sets up students for success so they can begin senior year with the confidence and knowledge needed to complete and submit supplemental application requirements independently.


10-12th Grade Students

All-Inclusive: Guidance & Support (from start to finish)

This package was created for families who want an experienced guide to help develop a customized post-secondary plan and also lead them through the college application process – start to finish. 

The All-Inclusive Package includes everything in the Essentials Package PLUS…

    • Project Management to keep your student on track throughout the application process
    • Unlimited entry into our Essay Boot Camps and Application Workshops the summer prior to senior year
    • One-on-One Writing Support guiding your student to write memorable essays & college-specific supplements
    • Personalized Application Guidance to leverage the format and space available to highlight your students’ strengths, abilities, and personality, counselor will assist the student with up to six college applications
    • Summer Activity Planning to use time strategically: career exploration, college planning, academic enrichment,  resume development, and character building  
    • Campus Visit advice & resources to make the most of your time on college campuses 
    • Interview Preparation to ensure your student presents themselves with poise, professionalism and authenticity 
    • Financial Aid Guidance to navigate the complicated process smoothly
    • Scholarship Application Support to increase your chances of receiving grants and scholarships 
    • College Decision advising to compare financial aid packages, housing options, and individual fit factors
    • College Transition Counseling to help your student understand the environments and situations in which they thrive and the resources available to help them succeed
    • Personalized Support through the many decisions in high school, college planning and applications 

Our All-Inclusive Package is our most popular package because it simplifies the process for both the student and the family.


College Planning doesn't have to feel stressful.

We simplify the college application process, so you can enjoy your teenager!

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