Nail the Pivot with Career Advising

We have the expert guidance you need to confidently take the next steps toward your bright future

Are you…

… Considering a professional pivot?

… Planning a career change?

… Ready to pursue additional education?

At Bright Futures Consulting, we understand the pressure and apprehension that are associated with a career change. Pursuing a professional degree or considering a different career field is a major undertaking, but you don’t have to tackle the process alone! 

Bright Futures counselors are equipped to help you move toward your goals thoughtfully and strategically.

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Find Your Brightest Path Forward

Bright Futures counselors are certified to help you identify a future career path where you will shine. Our comprehensive consulting methods typically begin with the Birkman Strengths, Needs, & Career Assessment. The feedback session with your Bright Futures counselor will result in a deeper understanding of your strengths, needs, and career goals. 

Knowing yourself is key to nailing your professional pivot.

Learn more about our Birkman Assessment and Feedback below.

Bright Futures Consulting

One-On-One Guidance to Get You There

Are you ready to identify a strategic path toward your career goals and put the plan into action? Bright Futures counselors have extensive experience helping individuals seeking professional degrees and changing careers.

Your one-on-one advising sessions help you prepare your application materials and follow-through using a stress-free process. 

Learn more about our customizable Professional Pivot Advising Services below.

Professional Pivot Advising Services

For those making a pivot in their career, Bright Futures supports your success with the following services. 

Birkman Assessment and Feedback

Using the Birkman Strengths, Needs, & Career Assessment, our experts will highlight and affirm your interests, identify potential careers and areas of professional study, and foster self-awareness in decision making going forward. This assessment helps individuals pinpoint their strengths and learn how maximize the benefits they provide to you. 

Planning for a career change can be stressful, and we all react differently to stress. Birkman reveals what each individual’s personal needs, motives, and stress behaviors are. We use our feedback session with you to support improvement in family and interpersonal communication between you and other people involved in your career change decisions.

3-Hour Professional Pivot Advising

Work with a Bright Futures Career Counselor on various topics including:

    • Selection of a professional degree program
    • Career exploration and consideration
    • Cover letter and personal statement guidance 
    • Application and entrance exam timelines
    • Resume development
    • Interview preparation

If you’re not in Houston, don’t worry. You can still receive the highest quality guidance from Bright Futures online!

*Hourly advising is also available and price varies by counselor.

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For more details about our Professional Pivot Advising or to get started on the path to your bright future today, schedule a complimentary consultation.