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The Financial Aid Playbook

As your college years are quickly approaching, the cost aspect is probably starting to dawn on you a little more each day. Honestly, it should be on your mind because there are some important things to consider. Otherwise, you may sign on for more than ... Read More >
By: Bright Futures

Magic Numbers

Like Ali Baba’s magical phrase, “Open Sesame,” numbers open doors to colleges around the country. I’ve discovered some magic numbers over my 30 plus years first as an admissions counselor, then as a high school counselor, and most recently (seventeen ... Read More >
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I met Sal Khan.

I met Sal Khan of Khan academy today. Sal is world famous and his company,  non-profit, online tutoring website that is funded by Google and The Gates Foundation. I met him at the national NACAC conference in San Diego. My big idea that I shared with ... Read More >