Tips for Researching Colleges and Majors

Rising juniors are about to start their most important year in their high school career. Take advantage of your summer by going on some college tours (even virtually) and researching colleges and majors.

Tips for Researching Colleges and Majors

Research Colleges

Students should do the following when they research colleges:

  • Register for virtual info sessions. Here is a searchable Google spreadsheet of virtual college tours and info sessions.
  • Navigate through college’s websites and social media. Begin exploring student organizations, special programs, majors, classes, and research. 
  • Size themselves up against their admission criteria (scores, GPAs, etc.).
  • Email questions to the admissions office. After they’ve done their research, help them craft an email that shows they are relatively informed about the college, interested, and eager to learn more in-depth information about their specific goals and major.

Research Majors

Rising juniors should also do the following when they research majors: 

  • Look up descriptions of different majors that sound interesting or are new to them.
  • Compare and contrast similar majors. Check the differences between Finance, Economics, and Supply Chain Management. Or see if Film Studies is that different from Cinema & Television. 
  • Check out the curriculum. Some schools have a standard curriculum for the first year or two. Other schools are more flexible. Some require research or writing seminars freshman year.
  • Take notes on what they like and don’t like!

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