7 Thoughtful Responses to Probing Questions about your Teen’s College Application Process

When “none of your business” doesn’t seem polite, here are some alternatives! This can be a super vulnerable process for most students, so respect privacy and ask your student before sharing any information. Also, remember that folks bluff all the time because they’re insecure! Best to hold your cards close until you’re ready. 


“Where did your daughter apply to college?”

“I am so proud of her! She did a great job of putting herself out there! This process can be so vulnerable, so she’s keeping her college list within the family until she decides where she’s going.”


“We applied to Baylor, LMU and DePaul. Where did y’all apply?”

“You applied to college! How cool that you’re considering going back to school! I was just thinking about a graduate program… (wink) Oh you mean my son? I think he wants to keep that to himself for now.”


“Have you heard back from University of Chicago?”

“My son has worked so hard to manage all of the communications from the schools, you’ll have to talk to him”


“My daughter got a 1280 on the SAT. What did your son get?”

“Congrats, that’s really a score to be proud of! He took the test earlier this year, and is planning to test again before his deadlines just to see if it’s stronger. We’ll see!”


“Where is your son going to college?”

“He’s still narrowing it down, and waiting for all the information to come in before he makes his final decision. I’m sure he’ll post something or share when he’s ready.” 


“Are you going to apply for financial aid/scholarships?”

“Me? No, I’m not. But I told my daughter that I’d be happy to help her research some.”


“I heard that the neighbor’s son is transferring, I wonder what happened?” 

“Wow, It’s so hard to make a change like that- takes courage and self-awareness. I was a transfer student too/ I remember friends transferring. It was such a big deal at the time, but looking back, everything was, but it ended up to be the right thing”


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