The Home Stretch: Wrapping Up High School and Preparing for College



  • May 1st is the National College Decision Day. Decide which college you will attend, notify the college and pay enrollment deposit and decide on housing. College offers of admission may be revoked after May 1st. Also, notify colleges (via email) that you appreciate their offer of admission but you will attend _______ college in the fall.
  • Request your final high school transcript be sent to the college you will attend in the fall.
  • Thank those who have helped you along the road to college–and ultimately to success. Those people are your family, your teachers, your friends, and even those who may not have been your closest friends. They, too, have helped you grow.
  • Your high school journey is almost over; the rest of your life is before you!
  • Make a list of things you need (not synonymous with want) for college. Find a designated corner or closet in the house and put the items there as you purchase them. And remember that, whatever goes to school eventually has to go back home or be stored. Your parents will thank you for thinking ahead.

All AP Exam takers:

  • AP exam tip: Bring at least three different sized pens (but all of them the same fine point black ink) to the AP exam. If the barrels vary in size, you can easily put down one pen and pick up another, resting your hand while continuing to write.