The Debt Dilemma

DEBT: A growing dilemma for college students is debt, and sometimes debt is the result of credit card companies offering you a card.  In addition to accrued debt due to tuition and housing, you will then have the additional debt (plus interest) on the credit card.  Be careful of these enticing offers.

  • If cost of college is a concern, and if you plan on graduate school as well, you might consider an in-state school for undergrad and the Ivy League or prestigious school for graduate school. The pool of students applying for grad school diminishes, and you have the additional benefit of less time (depending on your field) to complete a graduate degree. If you are going to med school, of course, you have several more years to invest!
  • Everyone gets stressed and that’s okay. You just need to find a healthy way to deal with stress that most assuredly will find you in college. It may be walking, running, listening to music, writing in your journal, and so on. Find what works for you.
  • Professors in college may or may not take attendance. Regardless, you pay for every class. If you really want to see how much money you lose by skipping a class, take the total (including books, room and board) for the semester and divide by the total class hours. The result will be an eye-opener!