Why Revisiting Your Birkman Assessment Can Direct Your Life

Throughout this strange year, we’ve all been thrown some curve balls. You’ve probably felt at least a little lonely at some point. But with all that solitude that came with lockdown, you may have gotten used to it a little more than you realize. As the holidays approach and more socialization is required, it may be worth revisiting your Birkman Assessment to help you navigate the upcoming days and weeks. 

The Importance Of Revisiting Your Birkman Assessment

When you find yourself in unknown or just uncomfortable territory, it’s time to adjust. Revisiting your Birkman Assessment to help direct or redirect your life is the perfect place to start. We need to make adjustments to pivot in a new situation – especially in our relationships.

Remembering Who You Are

“Remember Who You Are.” This phrase always reminds me of my Great Aunt Sarah, who I loved and adored. Whenever she would take us somewhere nice, she would say, “remember who you are.” 

What Great Aunt Sarah was really saying, don’t embarrass me

I’ve now been teaching and practicing self-acceptance for years. I know that my Great Aunt Sarah loved us deeply, but her message could be interpreted wrongly.  

When you hunker down with the idea of “Who am I?”, you should not be evaluating how you should be based on another person’s opinion. Who you are is a deeply intimate portrait of self-acceptance. The only person whose opinion matters in this subject is… you!

What The Birkman Reveals About Your Direction

There are several things the Birkman reveals about yourself and the direction you are best created to go towards.


Before taking any drastic steps to customize your life, first you need to revisit the Birkman. Having the ability to use this information to customize your life is a game changer. The Birkman Signature Report lists about 20 individual strengths. Take time to delve into what each strength means and how it works in different situations.


The tendency to react to stress is common. But that is most often not helpful. We react when we’re not thinking about what we need. With the Birkman, we’re able to look at our needs and our stressors.

Keeping the Birkman in mind when dealing with stress is helpful. We’re more likely to say to ourselves, “I’m feeling stressed about this, but it is because these other needs are not being met.”

So the next time you feel yourself reacting, that’s the ding ding ding moment to pull out the Birkman.

Then regroup and refocus on YOU.

All of the different aspects of your personality have their own unique stressors. Reflect on your Birkman needs and stressors. Honor your needs. It will empower you to be the best version of yourself. 


Feeding your interests is so important. If there’s a high interest that you are not able to express, then find a way to enjoy it.

Personally, one of my highest interests is Artistic. This makes perfect sense because I love the arts! Whether I’m listening to live music or attending the theatre, I’m constantly finding ways to hear it. In this way I’m feeding my Artistic interest. 

Unfortunately, the pandemic has taken a toll on the entertainment industry. For me, this has meant no theatre and no live music – at least not in person.

So, just like we adjust to uncomfortable and/or new situations, I’ve had to find a workaround. So I haven’t been able to enjoy my artistic interests in person. But that doesn’t mean it came to an end. I’ve had to adjust. Even though entertainers haven’t been able to work as they are used to, many have adjusted. Artists have live-streamed music sessions. Many great actors have gotten together for live table reads of popular scripts. By making adjustments to how they perform, people like me are able to continue to enjoy their work.


When you look at the Birkman Signature report, there are a number of personality components.

Scores that are towards the middle are generally more adaptable. But for those of you who have a high or low score, you’ll have to adjust to be more adaptable than those who score right in the middle. 

When you revisit the Birkman, you renew your understanding of yourself. Then you are able to customize to be your best true self. 

Click here to learn more about different personality scores.

When To Refer Back to Your Birkman

The Birkman leaves a lot to unpack. But that’s why it’s such a great tool.

You can continue to come back to it over and over again – especially in times of change or transition. 

So when do you refer back to your Birkman? When there are relationships involved. 

The Birkman is again a really great resource for figuring out how to live peacefully and successfully with others (especially when you’re cooped up with them) – which is a common struggle in many relationships right now.

There may be a vaccine, but we’re not out of the woods yet. So now is a good time to refer to the Birkman – specifically, your adaptability.

If you are a very organized person, you could benefit by relaxing in that area. Let things get a little messy. 

On the other hand, messy people can put in extra effort and become a little tidier. 

Everyone needs to work together to meet in the middle.

Relationships are strained when you’re with that one person day in and day out. It’s important to maintain an amicable relationship. No matter how frustrated you may feel. We all need to keep in mind that everyone is dealing with their own stressors. COVID and lockdown are not helping these stressors. No one in the situation is bad or wrong. Not you. Not your roommate. We are all unique and different people. And we are all doing our best to co-exist.

If this situation sounds all too familiar, you must keep in mind that you cannot control the other person. 

Remember who you are.

But also remember who you are not.

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