Parents, here’s what your student wants you to know…

We asked seniors (class of 2021) what they wish their parents knew about how they’re feeling about the college process at this point. Grab some tissues, and read their heartfelt responses.

“Writing about all the important memories and people to me in my supplements and essays, I have realized how influential my parents are in my life. They are often major players in my most cherished memories and are essential to my identity. I would love them to know that it is because of them I am working hard to go to college and be successful.”

“It is much more complicated than just choosing a school and submitting (an application)! It’s constant worrying, scrounging for different documents, meeting admission officers, etc. But, in the end, it’s so worth it and their belief in me means so much.”

“It seems like I’m not really that stressed about it all, but in honesty it feels overwhelming and unfathomable that I’ve already reached this point. Know that I’m as torn up about leaving and not being home as you are about me leaving home.”

“Please don’t talk to your friends about what schools I am applying to. It’ll be embarrassing if I don’t get in.”

“As a first generation college student in the U.S. I would want to tell my parents that I feel both anxious and extremely excited. As tedious and time consuming as applications are, it feels surreal that I’ll be moving on to my next adventure soon.”

“I’m feeling great about the process! I have pretty much completed everything I need to apply to all of my schools, and have heard back from multiple already!”

“I would want my parents to know that I’m stressed and trying my hardest to balance life, school, and of course college applications.”

“Please don’t ask anymore- I’m working until 3am each day.”

“Just because a college isn’t the highest ranked, it still could be the right fit for me. Applications take a while, but at the same time, it’s hard to continue working on them for an extended period of time. I wish they understood how long it takes to apply to each.”

“I wish my parents would be more consistent in how they view college — one day they’re freaking out, but the next day they’re telling me that everything is fine and they’re proud of me no matter what.”

“I feel very good about this whole college application thing so far. I’ve always heard from other people that applying to colleges can be very stressful and time consuming; but I haven’t found them all too stressful that much so far. I also think that part of that has to do with me having Dr. Swartz by my side to help me out…I feel like I have a good chance of getting into the three schools I’ve applied to…I am trying to keep my head up high and stay positive; I see myself in the future getting my degree and pursuing what I love most in life, music, and I will do anything to reach that goal.”

“I think I would like my parents to know that I am not very stressed about completing applications. I am anxious to find out where I end up. I understand and have prepared myself to handle the workload but am just anxious to find out where I end up next fall.”

“I wish you would let me guide the conversation around college–even your off handed comments about colleges changes my view and I don’t want that.”

“I feel confident that I am on time with all of my applications. At the beginning of school I was one of the only kids in my class who even started on my application to schools. I also feel confident I’m making the right choice in the schools I am applying to.”

“I am grateful for how much you care, but I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t ask to read my application essays. If I am ready or willing to share them with you, I will let you know.”

“My parents should know that the college application progress is pretty stressful as you try to put yourself in the best light. You have to really know who you are and what you stand for, which could be hard as a teenager. Also, you have to go through everything you have done to put on your applications in hopes that it will give them a positive view of you. These two things can be stressful for a teenager and parents should know about it.”


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