High School Graduates

High School Graduates:

  • Explore the world around you. One convenient way is to volunteer for a summer program that made a difference to you as a younger child. Local libraries are safe and convenient and offer meaningful volunteer positions for teens.
  • The Common App teacher portion asks for three adjectives that would describe the student. What adjectives would YOU supply if you were to fill that out about yourself?
  • Join clubs in college; it’s a great way to meet friends who share the same interests. Be careful that you select a few and not several. Time commitment to these clubs is an expectation.
  • If you are going to college up North or in the East, it’s wiser to order clothes from someplace that specializes in cold climate clothing, rather than to purchase Texas clothing which really isn’t suited to the cold you’ll experience in the really cold environments.
  • You are off to the college of your dreams. Remember that you will be the one to ensure success after college. The college diploma from that prestigious school may get you in the door. What you do after that is entirely up to you.

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