016. Making The Most of Your Extended Holiday Break

We are in the swing of the holiday season. As we quickly approach the winter break in this very unusual time, I wanted to talk to you about supporting your teenager in making the most of their extended holiday break and your holiday, too!

Making The Most of Your Extended Holiday Break

Learn what happens when your student doesn’t have a plan. And implement these 6 ideas to make the most of your extended holiday break:

Create a Schedule or Plan.

Your student needs to learn how to schedule or plan their time. A calendar creates a structure for your student, teaches them to manage their time wisely, and makes sure they don’t waste one of the last breaks they’ll get. 

Plan Positive Activities.

Aside from time management, keeping a calendar is a great way to set and accomplish goals. By planning positive activities, your student will empower themselves to do things their school schedule doesn’t allow. This is a great opportunity to implement self-care into their routine that they can carry with them once they leave for college.

Have An Escape Route.

The holidays can be overwhelming and tempers may get hot. Your student should have a plan to create space and cool down when things are getting stressful or heated. By reading a book, going on a walk, or whatever they choose, they will be less likely to lash out and will have better control over their negative emotions. This life skill will come in handy when they are on their own in college being handed new life challenges. 

Interview Your Family.

Learning more about family members is a priceless activity. Not only will your student be deepening their bonds with relatives, but they will also be learning life lessons from people who have “been there, done that”. 

Learn Something New.

The 2020 academic year has definitely had its challenges. While your student may be basking in the break from schoolwork, that doesn’t mean that learning also takes a break. Whether learning to play chess, how to cook, or even how to do laundry, your student will be filling time with meaningful activities while learning life skills.

Start New Traditions.

As your high school student’s time at home is ticking by, this is a great time to start new traditions. It could be planning and going on a camping trip or getting together with friends. By setting the intention of creating new traditions, it will pay off each year as the tradition is continued for years to come.

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Quick References

[03:56] Not all free time is good. With senioritis and feeling bulletproof, students need to be made aware of very real consequences resulting from their sometimes foolish actions.

[07:41] Learning to schedule and plan their time is a life skill that will help your student in college and beyond. Encourage your high schooler to schedule something they will look forward to with anticipation. 

[10:00] Empower your student to fill their schedule with positive activities that their school schedule didn’t allow. Calendars don’t have to be filled with mundane tasks. Make sure to sprinkle in fun!

[12:25] Holidays can be wonderful, but they can also be overwhelming. If your student has an escape route planned for when they are feeling stressed, they will be able to better control their reactions to stress.

[14:33] A great way to fill free time over the break is to reach out to family members. This exercise will feed curiosities and will often come with advice from those that have “been there, done that”.

[19:45] Just because school isn’t in session doesn’t mean that learning stops. Never stop learning. The holiday break is a great time to learn new games and life skills. 

[21:23] As time spent at home is ticking by, this is a great time to start new traditions. Whether it’s a camping trip or Secret Santa with friends, your student’s new traditions can be carried on throughout and after college.

Self-Accepted Homework

  • Empower your student to set their own schedule. This exercise is to help the students learn new skills while mastering time management.
  • Have fun with the holiday break activities. Of course, there will always be mundane things on our schedules, but that doesn’t mean you can keep it fun and relaxed.

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