014. Advocating for Your Learning Differences In College

As high school graduation approaches, many individuals with learning differences and their families begin to think about the next big step. What happens now? They often worry if a “typical” path to college will be possible for someone with learning differences (LD) and how they can begin to gain independence outside of a K-12 classroom setting. 

In this episode, Dr. Beth Dennard is joined by Jennifer Mohr, Bright Futures Educational Consultant in training and the mother of two sons with learning differences. Together, they discuss why LD students and their families should avoid fixating on “the typical path” after high school and how students can begin advocating for their learning differences so they can succeed at what they do best!

Advocating for Your Learning Differences in College

Once they exit high school, there is a world of opportunity waiting for LD students. They just have to learn what they need and then, reach out to ask for it! 

In this episode, we’ll talk about: 

  • Student-centered coping strategies to help college-bound teens self-accept the needs that come with learning differences
  • How students with learning differences and their families can plan a path to college that is the best fit for them
  • Tips for students to advocate for their learning differences in college, so they can get what they need to succeed

Listen to the episode here.

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Self-Accepted Homework

Parents, here’s your homework for this week:

  • Encourage your student to begin exploring different ways they can cope with their learning differences outside of the classroom. 
  • Investigate transitional programs, and if they will be a good stepping stone for your student on their path to college.
  • Encourage your student to take ownership of their advocacy. Even if they struggle at first, they will find their way and be supported by the scaffolding they build.
  • Coach your student to connect with people in their environment.

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