013. Managing Learning Differences in High School: Tips for Parents and Students

Having and managing learning differences in high school can be challenging for both students and their parents to navigate. But you are not alone. There is a path to a bright future waiting for you. This is the first episode in Self-Accepted Podcast’s two-part series devoted to tips for students with learning differences (LD) and their families.

In this episode, Dr. Beth Dennard is joined by Jennifer Mohr, Bright Futures Educational Consultant in training and the mother of two sons with learning differences. Together, they discuss tips for parents and students about managing learning differences in high school, so families can set their students up for success and see them walk across the graduation stage. 

Managing Learning Differences In High School: Tips for Parents and Students

Believe it or not… Success in high school doesn’t have a whole lot to do with a student’s learning difference. It really comes down to how well a student knows themselves and how they work with others to advocate for their needs.

In this episode we’ll talk about:

  • Two paths to navigating high school with learning differences
  • Ways parents can understand their LD teenager and help prepare them for life beyond high school
  • Tips for students for managing their LD in high school

Listen to the episode here.

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[6:02] The Two Paths To Navigating High School With Learning Differences

[6:13] Path 1: Blaming Failures on LD

[9:57] Path 2: Advocate for Your LD Needs

[14:34] Expect Resistance to Ask for Help

[20:36] Tips to Understanding Your LD Teenager & Helping Them Prepare for Life Beyond High School

[21:13] Get the Diagnosis

[28:03] Understanding Your Teenager’s Brain Chemistry

[37:57] Anticipate a Different Timeline

[44:07] Provide Nurture and Room for Failure

[45:53] Tips for Students To Manage Their LD In High School

 [46:09] Work a Job Through School

[51:53] Take Advantage of Your 504 Plan

[1:02:42] Build a Scaffolding

[1:05:28] Action Tasks

Self-Accepted Homework

 Parents, here’s your homework for this week:

  • Practice letting your LD teen advocate for themselves during their time in high school. Even role play a conversation they might have with one of their teachers before they attempt the conversation themselves.
  • If you also have an LD, remember to practice what you preach. Foster a two-way stream of communication and understanding between you and your teen. Let go of anger and join a parent support group if you are struggling to stay hopeful and positive about your student’s future.
  • Make sure your LD student is taking full advantage of their 504 plan.
  • And, encourage your student to work a job during high school to gain mentors outside of your family unit and build their confidence in a real-world setting.

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