012. Find Yourself Through Conversation: Informational Interviewing 101

By their senior year of high school, your teenager is expected to have a pretty clear idea about what they want to do for the rest of their life. That’s a lot of pressure for a teen… Especially when they are still trying to figure out who they are and what they want out of life.

Find Yourself Through Conversation: Informational Interviewing 101

A crucial part of the process of teens finding themselves and their path in life comes from informational interviewing. 

They help students figure out what they want to do and what type of environment they want to work in. This way, students can have a more realistic idea about what kind of path they’ll need to take or change their mind before they decide to start. 

But, how can you prepare your student to go on their first informational interview?

In this episode we’ll talk about:

  • What an informational interview is, and why it’s so important for students to do before they decide on a career path.
  • The 8 questions students need to ask during an informational interview.

Plus, you’ll get to hear Dr. Beth Dennard as she executes a mock interview with professional copywriter, marketer, and co-founder of FocusCopy, Lauren Jefferson!

Listen to the episode here.

For the blog version of this episode, click here

Self-Accepted Homework

 Parents, here’s your homework for this week:

  • Help your student find a professional in their field of interest. Then have your student arrange the informational interview.
  • Before the interview, have your student consider what kind of work environment they think they want to work in.
  • After they’ve had the interview, encourage your student to create a pros and cons list about the industry they want to go into while the information is still fresh in their mind. 
  • Don’t forget to remind them to send a hand-written thank you and ask about further introductions and job shadowing opportunities.

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For your student to really know if a certain career will be a good fit for them, they need to be honest with knowing themselves first. Bright Futures Consulting offers Birkman Signature Reports to help students articulate their strengths and identify career paths they will thrive in. For more information, schedule a free consultation.

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