010. An Ivy League Education on a Public University Budget

Today we’re going to talk about a pretty controversial topic…. Students and families all over the world covet acceptance into Ivy League schools. But will a brand-name school really lead to your student’s brightest future? 

In this episode, we’ll uncover whether highly selective universities, such as Duke and Stanford, and colleges in the prestigious Ivy League are really worth their weight in gold. We’ll also consider how to get an Ivy League equivalent education on a public university budget. 

An Ivy League Education on a Public University Budget

What is the Ivy League anyway? 

The term “Ivy League” came about in 1954, when the NCAA athletic conference for Division I was formed. At the time, the elitism of these schools was really due to their sports teams. Today, the 8 Ivy League universities (Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Columbia, Brown, and the University of Pennsylvania) excel both in sports and academics.

In this episode we’ll cover… 

  • How to help your student self-accept and match their goals with their college choice.
  • The not-so-secret ways honors colleges can rival an Ivy League education.
  • Sizing up universities based on academics, social climate, financial fit, and more.

Listen to the episode here.

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Self-Accepted Homework

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