009. Part 2: How To Set SMART Goals

In part 1 of this goal setting series, you learned why it is so important for your teenager’s future to start setting goals now. But how can you as a parent support your teen in the process, and what should their goals look like? In this episode, Dr. Beth Dennard goes over strategic ways for parents to help their high schoolers set SMART goals (even during a pandemic!) that will make their future brighter. 

How To Set SMART Goals 

As parents, many of us are used to trying the hardest we can to guide our teens toward a successful future. In this episode, Dr. Dennard reveals her number one tip for parents who want to support their high schoolers in goal-setting. By the end of this episode, you will have a practical guide to help your student make SMART and attainable goals in many areas of their lives.

In this episode we’ll talk about…  

  • Quick tips on setting goals that actually last
  • The 5 areas of goal setting – not all goals need to be or should be in the same lane
  • How to apply the SMART Goal Setting Framework in times of quarantine and disturbance

Listen to the episode here.

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Self-Accepted Homework

So now that we’ve learned how to set goals, it’s time to set goals.

  • Start setting goals for yourself first. This will help you to guide your teenager to set goals for themselves. There should be at least 5 goals: personal, social, academic, health, and spiritual. Make sure that they are SMART.
  • Ask your teenager about their goals. Keep the SMART framework in mind. And have them write it down. 

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