007. 10 Insider Tips on Applying to Military Service Academies

Whether your family is already a military family…

Or your teen is passionate about serving their country and challenging themselves…

Applying to a military service academy might be a great path for your student.

The application process is complicated. Moreover, it does not allow for any error. In this episode, US Air Force Veteran Dr. Beth Dennard details candid insider tips on applying to military service academies to help your student persevere to excellence.

Insider Tips on Applying to Military Service Academies

There’s no sugar coating it – military service academies are hard work. And the application process is arduous and extremely competitive. So what is the best way you can support your student through the process?

In this episode we’ll talk about… 

  • The complete timeline to apply for military service academies
  • What these academies look for in prospective students
  • How to determine if your student is the right fit for what these academies are looking for
  • Tips and tricks after being involved in the process for over 30 years

Listen to the episode here.

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[06:27] Steps to Apply to Military Service Academies

[06:39] Pre-Candidate Questionnaire

[07:36] Discern If You’re the Right Fit

[10:56] Connect With an ALO

[11:55] Fitness Requirements

[14:53] Visit the Academies

[15:41] Test Scores

[16:27] Activities

[19:02] Get a Nomination Letter

[23:16] Fill Out the Actual Application

[23:58] Apply for ROTC Scholarships

[26:35] Pre-Commissioning

[27:54] Consider Attending a Prep School

[29:38] Appointment

Self-Accepted Homework

Parents, here are some things you can do for your student who is considering attending a military academy:

  • Connect them with someone in reserve duty, active duty, or a veteran
  • Research the application requirements for each military service academy
  • Reach out to us at Bright Futures

We’re happy to help take the burden off of your shoulders and get your student to the finish line!

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