005. 8 Pandemic-Safe Activities Your Teenager Can Do This Summer To Get Ahead

Many parents wonder how to best support their college-bound teenagers over the summer to ensure they make the most out of the season. This exciting episode is full of tips to help your college-bound teenager navigate a successful summer. I’m joined by Bright Futures College Counselor, Jigisha Doshi, to reveal some fun ways your teen to can use this summer to get ahead on their path to a bright future.

8 Pandemic-Safe Activities Your Teenager Can Do This Summer To Get Ahead

Summer is a special season full of potential. It’s a time to rest, create, do, and try. How much structure should you provide? Should you set some ground rules? How can you support your teen in reaching their goals? We’ll answer all of these questions and more.

In this episode we’ll talk about… 

  • Summer planning for your teenager’s college dreams
  • How to make sure you won’t waste the season
  • The 8 pandemic-safe things your teenager can do this summer
  • Seizing the summer with a customized summer program

Now let’s get into some serious summer planning…

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[03:06] Upcoming events

[08:35] Summer planning

[09:24] Providing a scaffolding

[10:09] Don’t waste the season

[11:30] Set ground rules

[13:18] Set goals

[13:39] Decide on a budget

[14:11] 1. Attend an educational program

[16:49] 2. Conduct an Independent Project

[19:24] 3. Get a Job

[23:01] 4. Get Creative With A Performance

[23:41] 5. Build a Business

[23:55] 6. Start a Youtube Channel

[24:46] 7. Find a Mentor

[28:17] 8. Volunteer

[28:38] Safely Building Out the Summer Scaffolding

[29:24] The Schedule

[30:05] The Value

[30:41] Career Exploration

[32:10] Get ahead in credit

[32:25] Be productive

Self-Accepted Homework

Parents, here are some activities to get started with your summer planning:

  1. Identify your family values. Listen to episode 1 of Self-Accepted to learn how
  2. Decide on a budget – even if there isn’t one!
  3. Don’t feel guilty if there isn’t a budget for what your teenager wants to do.
  4. Support delayed gratification.
  5. Prioritize what your family needs to do.
  6. Check to make sure your teen’s activities involve self-development.

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