004. Rising Seniors… Start Your Engines for College Application Season

The past couple of weeks have surely changed how the end of this semester looks, but it hasn’t changed this fact: preparation is key. Work with your teenager to go through these 6 steps to prepare for the upcoming season of college applications. Rising seniors, it’s time to start your engines!

Rising Seniors… Start Your Engines for College Application Season!

Preparation can be boring. Adrenaline does not pump during practice or prep, but this preparation is necessary to win the actual race. In this episode, I’ll give you the 6 steps to start that college engine, helping you prepare your rising senior as they begin their path to college.

    1. Allowing and honoring your student’s feelings
    2. Scheduling SAT or ACT test prep
    3. Visiting colleges (even if a time like this when campuses are shut down)
    4. Getting ahead on essay writing so they don’t run into writer’s block
    5. Building a resume using the framework college applications use
    6. Finding a friend to support them through this life transition

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[03:37] Rising seniors, start your engines!

[03:57] The transitions and emotions that come with college applications

[06:49] What you’ll encounter during this season.

[08:09] Step 1: Allow an honor your student’s feelings

[09:09] Step 2: Prep before the prep

[10:06] Asking your teen to prepare for test prep

[11:09] When to take tests (ACT, SAT)

[13:59] Step 3: Visit colleges

[15:04] Why it’s important to visit college campuses

[18:17] Step 4: Keep a journal and start writing those essays

[19:40] Step 5: Build a resume using the college application framework

[23:19] Step 6: Find a friend to support your student

Self-Accepted Homework

Parents, here is your homework!

    1. Talk with your teenager about their stress levels, hopes, and dreams.
    2. Create a testing schedule that works for your student and family’s schedule.
    3. Go on weekly virtual campus tours while many campuses are still closed.
    4. Subscribe to our Insider’s List to stay in the loop with college admission news, events, and strategies. 

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