Dear Fellow Seniors…

If I had a counter for my number one question asked in 2020 it would be, “So where are you going to college?”

While I don’t mind the question, when you have seven aunts and uncles like I do or simply are sent into application PTSD by the word “college”, it becomes exhausting to explain over and over again how many places you’ve applied, and what major you applied for, and where you have gotten in, and where you’ve been rejected, and then all the questions that follow those initial explanations.

It was all particularly worsened in the holiday season. Aunt Jane sends you the number of murders that occurred in New Orleans just last week after you tell her you got into Tulane and Uncle Mark asks what an English degree is good for. On top of your stress about yet-to-be-finished applications and the acceptance results that come out next month, it can seem like these sorts of judgments and opinions set you back.

All you have to tell your relatives (and your parents) is what you feel comfortable sharing with them. Don’t let snarky comments or overbearing opinions make you doubt your school selection or choice of major. This is your college process. You applied to the places you did because you wanted to and you applied for a specific major because that’s what you think you want to do with your life right now. 

And you have been accepted at some places, and you’ve been turned down at others and not really understood why. Know that it isn’t personal. Colleges are building a class, not selecting individuals. You will end up where you are supposed to be. And I promise, you will get in somewhere that you are excited about attending. 

By Meah Matherne (Memorial High School, Class of 2021)