College Options

Last week, Bright Futures Consulting was featured in an article on the CW affiliate KIAH’s NewsFix, a local Houston-based news program. The article “College options for U.S. students out there despite lowest SAT scores in 10 years” focused on the effect standardized tests have on students and students’ higher education options after high school.

SAT scores in the U.S. were at an all-time low last year, with the national average at just 1490 out of 2400. High school student Chloe Flores, a senior at Galveston Ball High School said she and her friends have been studying for it, but that she “just gets so much anxiety.”

Dr. Beth Dennard, director at Bright Futures Consulting in Clear Lake and an educational consultant said students with low SAT scores, whether it was because of stress and anxiety and/or a lack of preparation, have options, including two-year colleges. In addition, many universities focus on the student’s grades and level of coursework first and foremost, and that some universities are even “test optional” meaning standardized tests like the SAT and ACT are no longer required for admission.

The NewsFix article sheds light to parents and students alike about the importance of preparing for standardized tests, but also about the alternative higher education options available to future graduates. In addition, the article states the Princeton Review will be issuing a new version of the SAT to students this year. This new version, according to Ryan Kiick of the Princeton Review, “should hopefully be a better reflection of what students are learning.”

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