Client Contract​

For Adults, Professionals & Graduate School Applicants

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Consultant’s responsibilities, depending upon level of service, may include:
    1. Discussion of educational and career options
    2. Professional evaluation of academic and psychological records
    3. Communication with current schools as required
    4. Exploration of career interests and learning styles with client
    5. Discussion of which type of post-secondary institution would be most appropriate for the client
    6. Identification of specific educational programs deemed appropriate for the client
    7. Evaluation with the client of chances of admission to a specific program
    8. Review and discussion of application materials
    9. Participation in professional conferences to update knowledge
    10. Travel regularly to college and universities to maintain information on institutions
    Consultant’s responsibilities do not include:
    • Guarantee of placement
    • Imposing undue pressure on schools for acceptance
    • Writing essays and completing application for admission
    Client’s responsibilities include:
    1. Sharing all relevant educational records with consultant
    2. Supplying consultant with school records, testing, teacher, behavioral and legal records, and psychological reports
    3. Scheduling and attending ongoing appointments with consultant
    4. Scheduling college visits and interviews
    5. Completing applications, essay, resume, and portfolios after review with consultant
    6. Completing and submitting all financial aid forms
    7. Securing school records, academic and personal recommendations, and forwarding them to colleges
    8. Remaining in communication with consultant to facilitate placement
    9. Notifying colleges of intention of attendance

    We understand that the appropriate academic records, transcripts, and the results of all previous psychological, educational and standardized testing (e.g. SAT, PSAT, ACT) must be received before the consultant can begin identifying appropriate placements.

    We, the undersigned, understand that while the consultant will endeavor to recommend a suitable match, undue pressure is not brought to bear on schools. Results cannot be guaranteed and the designated fees are payable whether or not placement is accomplished.

    Fee Schedule and Payment Plan

    It is understood that the Fee Schedule specifically delineates consultant’s services. We further understand that successful admission procedures require action by students, parents, and teachers to schedule interviews, visit campuses, and prepare applications and recommendations in a timely and satisfactory manner.

  • Payment Plan: Payment in full for selected services at the time service is contracted.

    Those purchasing the 3-hour advising package must use all hours within 6 months

    Note: Clients cancelling or missing an appointment without a minimum of 48 hours advanced notification will result in an additional $75 charge. Frequently missed appointments may be considered a breach of contract.

    Bright Futures Consulting agrees to keep all personal, academic, medical and financial information concerning the client or client’s family confidential except in those cases in which the client’s or other’s welfare is at risk and/or the client’s parents/ guardians approve release of client data.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY