Campus Visit Tips To Maximize Your Experience

Make the Most of Your Campus Visit with These Tips

As you prepare to visit campuses in person, consider these tips.


  • Schedule an official campus tour and info session through the university’s admission website. These tend to fill up, so book in advance.
  • Don’t plan to visit more than 2 campuses per day
  • If you have a special interest, contact your admission counselor 2 weeks before your visit to request a meeting with someone who can give you detailed information (support for LD, study abroad opportunities, financial aid, pre-med program, club rugby, cello teacher, academic department of interest, etc)
  • Ask the admission office about hotel and restaurant recommendations (they usually have special rates too!) 
  • PREPARE QUESTIONS! Here are some examples, but identify what’s important in your college experience, and develop your own set of questions that you ask each school. 


  • Wear comfortable shoes and dress casual, but not sloppy. Account for any weather- you’ll be outside walking a lot!
  • Arrive on campus at least 30 minutes before your first scheduled meeting or tour. Parking can be complicated and finding the correct building can feel stressful. 
  • Built in at least 30 minutes of free time to walk around campus or hang out in the student center. 


  • Students and parents should split into separate tours and compare notes later on
  • Peek into a classroom (ideally in the major/college you’re considering). Are students engaged in small groups or listening to a lecture?
  • Check out the facilities, tools, equipment, gadgets, and software, especially if you’re a STEM major. What’s available to you as an undergrad? 
  • Take photos (at least a selfie) while on campus
  • Eat at the dining hall
  • Ask a student where other students like to hang out off campus (coffee, boba, pizza, etc)
  • Notice parking on campus: plentiful or scarce? Can freshmen bring a car?
  • Pick up a student newspaper to see what’s happening and what students really care about
  • Take photos of posters advertising events, opportunities, and interesting things the students and faculty are doing
  • Take a few minutes to hang out in the student center and find a current student to talk to about why they chose the school
  • Check out a freshman dorm- can you picture yourself there?
  • If you’re meeting with a faculty or staff member, ask for their business card. 


  • Take 10 minutes to reflect and write some notes. Jot down a few things you liked, and a few things you didn’t. What do you want to learn more about? 
  • Give the school a “grade” A+ or maybe a B- according to how much you liked it and write why you assigned this grade.
  • Drive around the neighborhood where the campus is located and note your observations
  • Try out the place your student tour guide or admission counselor recommended to eat, do or see! 
  • Write thank you emails or hand-written notes to anyone who you met with individually (admission counselor, staff member, professor, coach, etc)
  • Text your Bright Futures Counselor and share your experience!