Campus Housing Crunch

You’ve checked all the boxes, got into a great college, and are a step closer to your bright future. Things are looking good!

But, where are you going to live?

For many students, it’s not so much about deciphering between options. Unfortunately, the college housing pickings are slim. There is a college housing crunch that is leading to many students not being able to live on campus.

If you heard the rumors about on-campus housing shortages at UT and A&M, they are true. However, you can take action to maximize your chances of snagging a dorm room on campus. 

Be Aware Of The Campus Housing Crunch

If living on campus is part of your college plan, then it will help to research your options as soon as possible. While this blog is focusing on two major Texas universities, it’s important to realize that this on-campus housing shortage is happening across the country. 

This is partially due to fewer study abroad opportunities and overall travel restrictions. There are many students who would otherwise be taking a gap year or spending their first college semester elsewhere. However, they will be in the thick of it with everyone else. 

According to Forbes, some colleges are even offering students a grant if they choose to live off campus.

So how do you plan on navigating this college housing crunch?

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The University of Texas at Austin

For future Longhorn hopefuls, there is some good news in regards to your housing situation. This is because UT allows applicants to apply for housing before receiving their acceptance letters. Getting your housing application in early will increase your chances of getting a good spot in line.

For instance, high school seniors who are hoping to attend UT in the fall of 2022 can apply for housing as early as August 2021. The only prerequisite for submitting your housing application is completing your college admission application.

There is a $50 non-refundable application fee. However, the housing fee is waived if your application fee is waived. Paying a non-refundable fee for housing before you gain admittance may seem like a gamble. But it will be worth it when you’re living on campus your freshman year.

There are several more key dates you need to know about. These additional deadlines include your housing contract, roommate preferences, and more. Check out The Keys To Your Room on the UT website for more information.

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Texas A&M University, College Station

Unlike UT, A&M requires students to be admitted to the college before reserving on-campus housing. 

However, it is important to note that A&M’s room assignments are mostly dependent on each applicant’s priority date. This is the date your housing application and fee are received. 

So what does this mean for A&M hopefuls that wish to live on campus?

As soon as you receive your acceptance letter from the university, submit your housing application and fee. Go ahead and save the myHousing portal to your favorites. You’ll want to find it quickly so you can submit your application as soon as humanly possible. 

The myHousing portal will be useful in several ways. From viewing room selections to searching for a roommate, you can find it all there.

If you haven’t logged into the portal before, then you’ll need your NetID and password to be set up. To do this, visit the Howdy Portal to activate your account.

Click here for more information on Texas A&M housing applications, rates, and policies.

Navigate Your Way To On-Campus Housing

Many campuses experience housing shortages. So we recommend you research the housing options and reservation requirements at each school you are seriously considering. It’s important to determine how and when you can reserve a dorm. 

But keep in mind, many colleges, including UT, also have suitable off-campus housing. 

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