Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Once you submit your enrollment deposit at your chosen college, it’s time to formally “break up” with the others. Although it might feel awkward after all you’ve been though together, it is best.

I get it! You laid your heart on the line when you applied. They accepted you (cue warm fuzzies and love butterflies) and courted you for months: hand written love letters, special invitations, exclusive opportunities, and maybe even a few virtual dates. Yet, another college has your heart.

All joking aside, it’s important to submit your enrollment deposit to secure your spot at the college of your choice by May 1 (unless otherwise noted in your communication with the college). As a reminder, you can only submit this enrollment deposit at ONE college.

As for the other colleges? The polite thing to do is inform them of your decision. I understand that this can be an awkward communication so here’s a template to help you out:

Dear Office of Admission (or the name of your admission counselor)
Thank you for your generous offer of admission, but I have decided to enroll elsewhere the fall. I appreciate all that you’ve done to help me through this process and wish you all the best.
With gratitude,
Your Name
Your High School
Your Student ID Number (if you know it)
Your Birthday
The university might ask where you’d decided to enroll for their records. You’re welcome to offer this information, but you also don’t have to.