AP Exams and Dual Credit


Juniors: Take the SAT.

To do:

All AP students register for AP exams. Students who are not enrolled in AP courses but have extensive knowledge in an academic area may also take an AP exam.

  • Social media is a great thing. However, something you post, or that others post with your name in the post, could come back to haunt you. Be judicious in your use of social media. It is a new and growing concern for corporations who may be considering you for an internship. Whatever you wouldn’t want a future employer to see should not be on your social media account.
  • More and more students are taking advantage of a semester abroad or a year abroad. These are great opportunities. For the most part, you will be paying tuition and housing fees directly to the university in which you are enrolled. You will simply be “off campus” for classes and housing! What a way to see the world! The opportunity applies even to those on scholarship. Now is a good time to inquire or investigate these options.
  • Internships are a growing opportunity, too. More and more schools are offering these opportunities.

Freshmen Undergrads:

If you have expressed a genuine interest in a class, have excelled in the class, or you have visited with the professor over the semester, you might consider applying to help a professor with research. What a great privilege an undergrad internship would be! Some of them are renewable, and some are a path to a position with that company after college.

  • Aim high! You might be wait-listed or rejected, but you certainly will not be accepted if you do not aim for the best in yourself and in a school.