6 Quick Tips To Help Juniors Nail The College Search & Application Process

High school juniors: the college application process will be here before you know it! You will be sent a ton of information and will need to keep organization a priority. We know it sounds overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  

Make your college search and application process easier in just 5 minutes! These quick tips will save you hours, logistical headaches, and confusion later on. 

Juniors, Take 5 Minutes & Do These Things

Each of these activities takes just 5 minutes but will make your college process so much smoother!

1. Create A Gmail Just For The College Process

You’ll get a ton of emails from random colleges who purchased your contact information from the College Board or ACT. So it’s best to keep it separate from your personal or school email so important communications don’t get lost. 

Moreover, make sure to use this new email address to register for the SAT or ACT. And make your and your parents’ lives easier by sharing the login and password with them.

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2. Subscribe To Emails From The Colleges That You’re Considering 

Stay in the loop with special invitations to events, application updates, deadlines, scholarships, and other engagement opportunities. 

Staying informed is key! Plus, this action is “demonstrating interest”, which can be a factor for admission decisions. 

3. Follow The Colleges You’re Considering On Social Media

Make your college research part of your everyday activities. In your feed, you’ll see what’s happening at the school in real time! Many clubs, majors, Greek organizations, fellowships, and interest groups also have social media accounts, so you can tailor your content to fit your passions. 

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4. Create A Google Doc To Track Your High School Activities

It’s important to realize you’ll need to prepare a resume before you submit college applications. Use a Google Doc to track every detail you may want to include. Furthermore, ask a parent to help you remember what you’ve been up to for the past few years. Even better, share the document with your parents so you can all collaborate in your own time. You’ll want to list every activity you can recall from 9th grade up until now. 

This list will help you tremendously when you start to complete your applications in the fall. Don’t forget to add any jobs, family obligations, and hobbies!

5. Identify 2 Teachers To Write Your Letters Of Recommendation

Popular teachers may limit the number of letters of recommendation they write, so make your “soft ask” in April or May. 

Your conversation might go something like, “I’ve enjoyed your class and have grown so much this year. I am planning to apply to colleges that require letters of recommendation. I won’t need it until next school year, but would you be willing to write a letter of recommendation on my behalf?” 

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6. Ask Your Parents For Availability To Schedule A Campus Tour

If your parents are busy, you’ll need to get their calendar. Even if you’re not sure which college you want to visit yet, just carve out the time a few weeks in advance to ensure it actually happens. 

Once you do decide where, book your campus tour through the college’s admission office website. Remember, most campus tours take place on weekdays, but your high school likely offers excused absences for college visits. 

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