Avoid Senioritis: Stay Focused and Finish Strong


  • April is “college decision month.” Many colleges will host receptions for admitted students and parents. It is a good idea to re-visit the campus at this time before you commit and enroll.
  • Thinking of rooming with a friend in college? Be careful not to isolate yourself. Your objective should be to grow. College is about more than maintaining high school friendships. Besides, more than one friendship has been lost by friends rooming together.
  • Practice for AP exams with a Scantron rather than loose-leaf. You can download a Scantron from any practice test site. It may seem silly, but bubbling an answer like “C,” for example, takes more time than simply making a half-circle on a paper. With ~57 questions to answer, time spent bubbling could be the difference of two or three questions not answered. Pacing is important.
  • Also important in practicing an AP exam on a scantron document is that, if you change an answer, you have to add erasure time and rebubbling time. If your answer were handwritten, you’d simply slash the incorrect answer. Again, pacing is important.
  • Thinking of going to school up North or in the East? Snow is pretty, but remember, you’ll be walking to class in some very cold climates. Make sure you’ve considered the challenges that might present.

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