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Monica De La Guardia, MD, MA, LPC

Student Mentor

Monica De La Guardia​

Get to Know Monica De La Guardia

As a parent, Monica De La Guardia, MD, MA, LPC experienced the full impact of Bright Futures’ services through her family. When she realized what family received was one of the most beneficial decisions for her family, she knew Bright Futures was where she belonged. She wants to help other families, particularly those from other cultures, to better understand the American education system.

She guides families to make an informed decision on their children's education.

Where Monica De La Guardia Thrives

Monica is passionate about guiding hispanic families through the college application process and coaching her students to gain new self-confidence and security in themselves. She developed her passion through the complex college application process, after visiting more than 30 colleges and universities across the United States. She searched for the best fit for their children and learned about differences between curriculums, areas of interest, and opportunities offered for students.

Monica De La Guardia’s Background

Dr. Monica De La Guardia and her husband graduated from Medical School at the most prestigious University in Monterrey, México (ITESM). In 1993, they decided to move to the United States to continue their post-graduate education and start a family. She subsequently earned her Master of Arts in Counseling and became a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) while raising her two successful children – an incoming Honors Program student at the University of Arizona and a Rice University Graduate now working as a Software Engineer.

Always a lifetime learner, Monica loves to study and be surrounded by culture and arts.  When not with students, she enjoys riding her bike in the outdoors, playing golf with her husband, and going to the symphony, opera, musicals and concerts. 

Monica has been Bright Futures Consulting since 2020 as a student mentor.

Credentials You Can Trust

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