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Winning College Interview Tips

  • Applying to college equals the workload of an Advanced Placement (AP) course
  • The high school transcript is the student’s record of academic performance, it is the dreaded, “permanent record.”
  • Attend “back to school” programs at your high school and especially special nights organized by the counselors to explain local procedures for requesting transcripts and teacher recommendations
  • When college representatives visit your high school or hold an event in your town, attend so that you get to know the college rep and he/she gets to know you.
  • Have your first-choice college application sent by the end of September. Get off to a strong start in all of your classes; this creates a “halo effect.” The “halo effect,” think about an angel’s halo, is when a student creates a positive first impression by paying attention to the teacher, takes notes, meets with teacher/professor in person and introduces him/herself to discuss the class and their goals in the class and performs excellently on the first exam.

Schedule interviews with colleges that require and encourage them. Most highly selective colleges will invite applicants to interview after receiving their application; however, other colleges expect students to call/email to schedule an interview.

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