Special Student Populations

  • http://www.blackexcel.org/
    Aimed at black students, this site has a wealth of information for many non-traditional students as well.
  • http://www.latinocollegeexpo.org/
    Although the organization was established to serve Hispanic students in the New York metro area, the site has helpful links and good information for all Hispanic students.
  • http://www.hsf.net/
    The Hispanic Scholarship Foundation provides scholarship and financial aid information for Hispanic students.
  • http://www.hillel.org
    Here you can find out the percentage of Jewish students at any particular school.
  • http://www.greekpages.com/
    Lists national and local fraternity chapters.
  • http://www.co-op.edu
    All you need to know about cooperative education programs and the schools that offer them.
  • http://www.thinkcollege.net
    A great source of information for kids with disabilities, whether LD/ADHD or physical limitations.

Learning Disabilities

  • Kendra D. Johnson. 100 Things Every College Student With a Disability Ought to Know. Cambridge Stratford..
  • Kravets & Wax. The K & W Guide to Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities or Attention Deficit Disorder. Thomson..
  • Kathleen G. Nadeau. Survival Guide for College Students with ADD or LD. Magination Press..
  • Patricia O. Quinn, M.D. ADD and the College Student: A Guide for High School and College Students with Attention Deficit Disorder. Magination Press..
  • Scheiber & Talpers. Unlocking Potential: College and Other Choices for Learning Disabled People..
  • Strichart & Magnum. Colleges with Programs for Students with Learning Disabilities or Attention Deficit Disorders. Peterson’s..
  • Learning Disabilities: Information and Resources, published by Landmark Foundation..
  • http://www.ncld.org
    The National Center for Learning Disabilities Site has a number of articles to guide you in the way you approach the college process.
  • http://www.heath.gwu.edu/
    This is the site for the National Clearinghouse on Postsecondary Education for Persons with Disabilities. Lots of good information on accommodations, financial aid, college programs.
  • http://www.ahead.org
    Click on students at this site of the Association on Higher Education and Disability for a portal to a variety of useful sites.
  • http://vacollegequest.org/
    This appealing guide to college success for students with disabilities has a terrific skills check list, as well as a good deal of practical info aimed at high school students rather than their parents.


  • Perry Bromwell & Howard Gensler. The Student Athlete’s Handbook: The Complete Guide for Success. Lulu.com
  • Dion Wheeler. The Sports Scholarships Insider’s Guide: Getting Money for College at Any Division (Sport Scholarships Insider’s Guide). Sourcebooks, Inc.

Arts Search

  • Loveland, Elaine A. Creative Colleges. A Guide for Student Actors, Artists, Dancers, Musicians, and Artists. Super College.
  • Peterson’s. Professional Degree Programs in the Visual and Performing Arts. Peterson’s