Graduate Students

Students pursue a graduate degree for many reasons. Some are looking to strengthen their resume or expand their knowledge in a certain area. For others it is a requirement for a professional degree or particular career. Regardless of the reason, many students are surprised to find themselves “stuck” when applying to graduate school.

The “stuck” feeling can be a result of anxiety, uncertainty, or lack of motivation – but Bright Futures can help. We understand the intricacies associated with choosing a graduate course of study and the subsequent graduate applications and personal statement requirements. Bright Futures is committed to providing expert guidance by using valuable tools such as the Birkman, and by utilizing the combined decades worth of experience amongst our team of associates.

Many college admission students seek personalized assistance from Bright Futures Consulting to guide them from college to graduate and professional school or the workplace. The experts at BFC work face-to-face and long-distance to assist during this daunting and competitive phase of life. The first step is to identify one’s personal strengths, interests and goals and then match them with the graduate program or job that fits. Applications, personal statements, entrance exams, resumes and interviews are supervised to help the applicant move forward into the future they’ll love.

Don’t be intimidated by the process and don’t let yourself stay “stuck.” We can be there for you every step of the way, from application to graduation and beyond.

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