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Category: Paying for College


Magic Numbers

Like Ali Baba’s magical phrase, “Open Sesame,” numbers open doors to colleges around the country. I’ve discovered some magic numbers over my 30 plus years

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Parents Only

Financial Aid in a Nutshell

Financial aid makes up the difference between what college costs and what a family can afford. There are 3 main types of financial aid: Loans

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Unexpected Expenses
College Success 101

Unexpected Expenses

Unexpected expenses. Is anything more stress-inducing than this for a college student (or their parents)? Many college freshmen look at the estimated tuition cost for

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Sal Khan and Beth Dennard

I met Sal Khan.

I met Sal Khan of Khan academy today. Sal is world famous and his company,  non-profit, online tutoring website that is funded by Google and

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The Debt Dilemma

DEBT: A growing dilemma for college students is debt, and sometimes debt is the result of credit card companies offering you a card.  In addition

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