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Advice for Students Entering College

  • College is the most exciting chapter so far in your life. And, while you are having the time of your life with inspirational classes and instructors and new friends, your parents are looking at your empty room. Be thoughtful. Write/email/call mom and dad frequently. They will feel your absence more than you know.
  • This may seem silly, but when you pack for college, take with you the acceptance  letter from the college you are attending—as well as acceptance letters from any other colleges. Everyone—EVERYONE—will hit a brick wall sometime in college. When you do, you will have those letters. Post them on the wall, on your desk, or on the mirror. These letters say to you, “This college had confidence in my ability. I, too, need to have confidence that I can do it.”
  • Once you get settled into your dorm, find a good spot on campus to study. That great spot is probably not going to be your dorm. The dorm is almost always for sleeping and socializing. Suggested great spots are the engineering or law libraries.
  • Never eat alone, even if it’s eating peanut butter or the ever-popular Ramen Noodles!
  • Talk to your professors; introduce yourself. You will be surprised how your interest (genuine interest) in the class and in instruction can become an asset. Professors are not obligated to grade as high school teachers are. They have considerable latitude. Given your interest, if your final grade is on the cusp of the next higher grade, you might find yourself the recipient of their generosity.

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