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Success Stories

Hover over an image to learn more What did you learn from the Birkman assessment that you didn't know about yourself? How did working with Bright Futures help you discover direction for your life? How did Bright Futures help keep you focused on the many steps toward applying to college? Now that you're working or in college, what did Bright Futures teach you that helped along the way? How did the Birkman Assessment help your parents understand you better? How has Bright Futures helped to prepare you for life after college?

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  1. Hello again Beth. Just so you know, Bobby Cowen, your Class of 2013, just graduated from Bucknell with honors. He was given the Bucknell Computer Science Award for outstanding graduate. UCLA has accepted him for the CIS Master
    Master’s program and offered him a Teaching Fellowship as part of it. We are very glad you matched him with that school.

    David Cowen, Bobby’s dad

    Bobby Cowen

  2. Dear Dr. Dennard and Susan Galanski and Susan Moyer,

    Thanks so very much for the generous gift card to Beyond Beaute! That was so thoughtful and a nice surprise. Michael and I and Mikayla’ parents, Linda and Stuart Criss, really appreciate all the encouragement and support you showed Mikayla during essay bootcamp. She is even more excited and feels super prepared to hit the button on August 1 to apply for the colleges on her list. And thank you for encouraging her to apply to other schools like Baylor and Texas A&M and not limit herself.

    Grant is having a blast being a summer camp counselor at a boys Christian camp near Kerville where he went to camp for 5 years from 8-12 years old. He had an excellent freshman year at A&M in the corp. We feel his experience with Bright Futures was a key to the path he chose – and will always be one he looks back on with fondness. Thanks again and we wish you continued success as you impact the lives of so many -students and parents/families- in such a deep and long lasting way.

    God bless,
    Michelle Isermann

    Michelle Isermann

  3. Donathan_White_CoatDr. Dennard,

    I wanted to thank you and Bright Futures for all you have done for me.

    I first came to you later in my academic career, as a near-graduating college student applying to medical school.  I had seen the success my girlfriend (now wife of 6 years) had with your services when applying to college.  With a steady influx of acceptance offers, her options were vast.

    As an Honors student graduating Cum Laude, I was naively overconfident in my writing and interviewing skills.  After meeting with you, I quickly learned how deceivingly difficult it can be to tactfully write a personal statement and effectively format a résumé/curriculum vitae.  However, your expertise quickly became evident, knowing which words/phrases to avoid and which to employ.  The résumé you helped me build was the foundation for my current Curriculum Vitae, which will house my accomplishments for the rest of my career.

    As a senior medical student applying to Emergency Medicine residencies, I am delighted and grateful you are still able to assist me with applications.  Even with 4 years of graduate school under my belt, I know I’ll still need your expertise to stand out among my peers.  I have known several students in my medical school whom you had helped apply and match.  As one of the most competitive fields to matriculate, this truly speaks volumes to your capabilities.  I hope to be able to utilize your services more in my future career endeavors.


    Daryn Donathan

    Daryn Donathan, UTHealth Medical School, Class of 2015

  4. Dear Dr. Dennard,

    I appreciate so much your huge contributions to my life over the past couple of years. Your advice has proved invaluable and I know that without your help, I would be nowhere close to where I am today!

    Your constant encouragement and your suggestion that I look into crew have truly been defining aspects of my life and have changed my life immeasurably for the better. I will surely stay in touch and tell you everything about Princeton University!



    Will Chance, Princeton University Class of 2018

  5. Dear Dr. Dennard,

    I know it’s late, but I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your help. I would have been unable to complete my application without you. I know you spent a lot of personal time helping me achieve my deadlines and I thank you very much.


    Kareem Abouleish

    Kareem Abouleish, Rice University, Class of 2018

  6. Dear Dr. Dennard,

    I cannot tell you how much this workshop meant to me. [Please] tell your team that they were so supportive and I sit here feeling that this essay is a part of my soul.
    You all helped me realize who I really am and how much better I am for taking the class. I wish I could have you guys for every essay I ever write, but this weekend is a close second.
    Tell everyone that they battled with me and they made me work for it, but they truly brought out the best in me.
    Thank you so much!

    Walter P., Rising High School Senior, Houston

  7. Beth,

    Recently I pulled out my Birkman report from 10+ years ago to show a friend how comprehensive it is and found the ten year plan that we had made (or really updated) when I changed majors from Environmental Design to International Studies. The goal all along was to get into real estate development after spending that inspiring summer at the UH Summer Architecture Program for high school students. One of my key inspirations there was from learning about the achievements and philosophy of Gerald Hines and his Hines development firm.
    The plan was:

    1. BA International Studies – achieved
      • Fluency in Spanish – achieved
      • Work Abroad – achieved (Dominican Republic)
      • Obtain Real Estate License and begin practicing – achieved (now a Broker with my own independent firm)
    2. Work for 1 – 3 years – achieved
    3. MBA with real estate focus – achieved (graduated from UH MBA last month)
    4. Final goal: Begin career in real estate development – achieved (currently post graduate intern with HINES!!!!)

    I have roughly 2 months left on my internship here at Hines and already I have two different senior leaders looking to bring me under their wing and put me on a path towards leadership at the firm. One would even want to relocate me to Latin America to be the Associate on the ground and quickly rise to regional leadership as he is preparing to retire.

    Your program helped me define my vision for the future and set a course to follow that would not help me enter my perfect career, but would prepare me to be a sought after candidate for the job of my dreams. I cannot thank you enough.

    I’m absolutely thrilled to see that Bright Future is continuing to grow and wish you all the best!

    Keith A. Richards

    Texas A&M University – Class of 2007

    UH Bauer M.B.A. – Class of 2012

    Keith Richards, M.B.A.

  8. Dear Beth,
    Just wanted to take a moment to say a BIG THANK YOU for the time you spent with Teka and helping to direct her over the past few years. Graduation day was exciting for me as I watched her celebrate her accomplishments. Making it more special, was the fact that my mother flew from Toronto to celebrate with us. We have been so busy visiting and playing catch up with her that we’ve let our other plans slide. Now that she has returned home, we can refocus our attention on home matters. Teka and I plan to drop by and return the lap top you so graciously allowed us to use during her senior year. We will be in your area this Monday around 5:30 pm. I will call before coming by. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Jasmine Nicholas

  9. Hi Dr. Dennard, Thank you for the support – knowing you was a big help with the college application process.

    I am planning to move in to U of H on the 23rd – little nervous.

    Your feedback, and encouragement was the best in the application process. Also, your advice especially letting me know about theHonorsCollegeat U of H was very useful.

    The workshop too was very helpful. I feel that I am as prepared as I can be to attend college.



    Chandika Silva, Incoming Freshman, University of Houston

  10. Dear Bright Futures Staff,
    I would like to express my appreciation for your incredible guidance that put me in the right direction. Your willingness to help me during an important time of my life has definitely benefitted my near future. I have been accepted into the Gateway Success Program at Texas A&M University! This program will assist me in the transition to college and allow me to go into freshman year with 7 credit hours as well as a background in college networking and resources. Personally, I believe that this is the best offer I could have gotten to transition to my life-long dream school!

    The skills that Bright Futures possesses have clearly shown the way to polish and display an individual’s talents. As a team, you helped me present my characteristics in a manner that not even TAMU could turn down! I am thankful to have been given this unique opportunity to prove what I can do and am eager to succeed in this occasion. Thanks and Gig Em!

    Erin Ginsberg

  11. Beth,
    Thanks for the note and all your help with Bayard. I recommend you to all my friends! One, with a freshman in college this year said that she planned on using your services for her other children because it was a stressful undertaking when faced on one’s own.
    Bayard might not have gotten back with you but he is attending Colorado State in Fort Collins, CO. His major is Wildlife Biology. He doesn’t want to be a Park Ranger but is focusing on research. His dad and I see him as a park biologist one day. He was awarded CSU’s Presidential Scholarship based on academics. We are very grateful for your help with his educational pursuits these past four years.
    Lisa Nicklow

    “Throughout the entire process I felt that you genuinely cared about my decision and well being. It is very refreshing to have the counselor who is guiding my family and me in the college process. You have influenced the most important aspects of my academic and personal life.”

    Sam Akinyeye, Class of 2008 attending The University of Texas, Liberal Arts Honors

  12. Dear Beth,
    “I feel so terribly amiss in not thanking the person who made the most incredible difference in all of our lives these last several months. You are amazing! I am joyful for the completion of high school, but more importantly, for you doing such a fabulous job in motivating, directing, and encouraging Angela in the college process. We were thrilled that she had such great options, and that she was excited about her ultimate decision. I will continue to give you the greatest praise to others. You are professional, organized, and talented at what you do.”

    Diane Thornton, mother of student attending The University of Texas at Austin

  13. “I would not be where I am today without your guidance and your care.“

    Caitlin Tray, PhD candidate, SUNY Stony Brook, NY

  14. “My parents and I just returned from Belmont’s Freshman Orientation! I had a good time and can’t wait to start as a Commercial Music major. I just want to thank you for playing such a huge part in this and helping me through the application process.”

    Lindsy Anton, Class of 2008

  15. “You clearly love what you do, whether being a guide for teenagers or a community volunteer. You so inspire others by being this way.”

    Maryellen Oliver, parent of BFC students (University of Pennsylvania and Texas A&M University

  16. “You have helped me so much in the college process and you have helped me look forward the future.”

    Trip Nistico, Class of 2009, attending Texas Christian University

  17. “We cannot thank you enough for everything you bring to our students.”

    Betty Sierra, Headmaster, St. Stephen’s Episcopal School Houston