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Dr. Beth Dennard

Dr. Beth Dennard

“Once I was lost and now I am found.”

As a high school senior, Beth was lost and without a plan; today she helps people truly know themselves, make a plan and succeed. Serving as an Air Force officer, she taught the best and brightest at the Air Force Academy and worked as a USAFA Admissions Officer. In civilian life, she directed two private high school’s college counseling departments. Earning an Ed D in Educational Leadership and a MA in Counseling Psychology rounded out her professional credentials.

In 1999 she launched Bright Futures Consulting in the Houston suburb where NASA Astronauts reside (while they’re on Earth). Bright Futures Consulting helps people know and follow their hearts to live life with passion and purpose. We assist students, one–on–one, with secondary and postsecondary choices, graduate and professional school advisement and career counseling. Remembering where I started keeps me humble and giving.