Birkman Signature

The Birkman. THIS is truly the key to so many stories of success and happiness at Bright Futures.

The world of higher education and the careers that follow are changing. Job offers after graduation aren’t guaranteed, turnover within the workforce is higher, and competition is fierce. Yet we expect students to make decisions which impact the rest of their life before they can rent an apartment on their own.

Is it fair? No. However, we’re here to give students their best shot at success and happiness. How, you might ask? The answer is simple – by allowing them to use an objective means of exploring, naming, and validating their interests and behaviors.

At Bright Futures we use the Birkman Signature Report. It is an internationally recognized test which is used by Fortune 50 companies and continues to be integrated into multiple respected universities.

The Birkman Signature Report delivers unparalleled insights and awareness into the people that drive the world around us, the careers we pursue, and the organizations we join.

It paints a rich picture of personality and dives into details of their unique productive and unproductive behaviors.

The Birkman Signature Report provides the tools needed by all generations to make satisfying and successful choices such as:

  • A major that fits interests and needs
  • Meaningful life goals
  • Finding Employment
  • Choosing high school courses
  • Complete & excellent college applications and essays

Conveniently, the Birkman questionnaire is emailed and completed online. The results will be reviewed by qualified experts during a 90–minute consultation.

The use of the Birkman to help students find a college “fit” is groundbreaking, and one Dr. Dennard has seen result in triumph and satisfaction for many students.

The results of the Birkman are ones that have the potential to remain true for a lifetime and can be revisited again and again when a person needs direction, validation, or inspiration.

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